Weapons Anyone?

Which weapons would you be most likely to use during a zombie apocalypse? (Reminder: using pistols allows double pistol action. Sweet, sweet action)

1. Pump Shotgun
2. M-16 Assault Rifle
3. Frying pan
4. Molotov
5. Machete
6. Uzi
7. Desert Eagle
8. Glock 19
9. Katana
10. Grenade launcher
11. Yourself (yes, you can be a weapon)
12. Guitar
13. Banjo
14. Average, garden variety hoe (get it?)
15. Baseball bat

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8 Responses to Weapons Anyone?

  1. ninjapoptart says:

    1. Katana
    2. M-16
    3. Myself >:3

  2. Anonymous says:

    No magnum? 😛 That’s the weapon I use most on L4D2!
    I suppose if not that I’d waltz around with an Assault rifle.

  3. Christopher Treanor says:

    Glock 19. It is light, can use multiple Glock variant magazines, and has stopping power.

  4. ebonywing13 says:

    1. katana
    2. machete
    3. m-16

  5. ZambieKillur says:

    Banjo all the way.

  6. Lynx says:

    On list: Off list:
    1-ME 1- mini-41
    2-Katana 2- Crowbar
    3- G19 3- Colt-45

  7. Derfelcadarn says:

    Machete. No reloading.
    OR, a pitchfork. hold em in place while mate bashes em in the back of the head

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