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What Would Be The Scariest Situation To Find Yourself In When The Apocalypse Begins?


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An Interesting Video…

…on why a virus that takes over the entire world is unlikely. It caught my fancy on MSN, so I thought I’d share it: Could a Virus End Life On Earth? This reminds me of 28 Weeks Later, when the … Continue reading

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Why Zombies Will Never Be.

We all like to hope, for us zombie lovers, that an apocalypse could be possible. Some even surmise that a zombie apocalypse is what will happen in the infamous year of 2012. The function of a zombie is simple biology. … Continue reading

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The Evolution of Zombie Infections

As the popularity of the zombie grew the zombie virus steadily began to branch off. Where it once thought the zombie virus was transferred through a bite, it is now¬† believed to be transferred through airborne pathogens, vaccines, spells, and … Continue reading

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